We work to help reduce the barriers that communities face due to accelerated scientific and technological development, and we support efforts to catch up with digital progress by creating scientific and research chairs and supporting R&D centers.

Promoting a given society to reduce the scientific and technological gap between itself and the world is in itself a major achievement. Therefore, the first step to go forward in this regard is that the beneficiaries understand the priority of reaching to higher levels and better ranks. If everybody had the same level of care towards hierarchy, it would be gone and science and technology would become be available for everybody at the same level.

In addition, working together in order for the technology to become a free of charge, and cheap at the worst conditions, is a very important thing especially the technology became closely associated with the lifestyle, and helping the poor and poorest societies to improve their living conditions became associated more closely with technology than before.

Technology contributes to facilitating the life and uplifting the standard of living of the people and it plays an effective role in the economic development of states and individuals. However, without constant technical development in different areas of work, production, sales, transportation, distribution and operation, markets will stagnate and the pace of development will stop, and recession will take place.

So encouraging scientific research, increasing its expenditure allocations and making its results available for who needs to learn from them, is one of policies we believe in the importance of implementing it in order for the world and many societies to experience greater well-being and better conditions than they are now.