Given the positive causal relationship between achieving security and peace and achieving sustainable development, addressing security and peace requirements is a priority for conflict-ridden or disaster-prone communities. This can be achieved by supporting the management of urgent humanitarian crises resulting from disruption and by attempting to prevent their future occurrence. We work to revive post-conflict societies through an active presence during crises and catastrophes by providing immediate aid to the afflicted and by rebuilding, so as to enable affected communities to resume normal life.

Threats with limited impact against a given society can spread out and become a clear threat to human being anywhere, so one should to pay attention to those threats that affects the security of anyone and anywhere.  So being unsecured and unassisted is a disgrace to humanity as a whole

It is the common responsibility of all. Just as those who threat the peace and security are liable, likewise, ethical responsibility obliges anyone to offer his help to anyone who is threatened or at risk.

Furthermore, the best and optimal way to maintain security anywhere and everywhere is establishing peace, which is based on love, accepting others, coexistence and gives rise to reassurance.

Peace is a supreme value. It is not possible for some people to live securely at the expense of the security of other people by believing under any illusion that security can be obtained when depriving others from it. Peace and security is a participatory value, which you can get more of it as much as you grant it to others, and as far as you do for the sake of others.