Healthcare is a right and basic need for every human being because the human right to healthcare is tied to the human right to live. The Foundation sets major focus on healthcare and on improving healthcare services as it is one of the facets of investing in human capital.

Stressing the importance of healthcare and making it available would contribute to development by means of granting individuals a greater opportunity to be productive rather consumers, and motivators rather than restrainers, and initiators rather than waiting for assistance from others.

Moreover, public expenditure on healthcare would largely reduce the level of expenditure on these services compared to whether most of the expenditure spent on it is borne by individuals or not. Besides, lowering the private expenditure on healthcare would contribute to transfer surplus to other aspects that would improve life’s opportunities and quality.

With the importance of scaling up the quality of treatment and medication, stressing the importance of family medicine, primary health care for pregnant women, mothers and infants is an important indicator of healthcare progress. These services are as a base and starting point for community health.

Furthermore, paying attention to aspects of preventive treatment and controlling epidemics is one of inherent rights that would achieve the health security as a part of public security for communities and humankind as a whole.