We support intercultural and inter religious dialogue efforts by cultivating understanding among religions and doctrines; reducing discrimination and conflicts; fostering tolerance, humanitarian values and ethics, and consolidating international security.

We believe by dedicating efforts to promote dialogue, understanding and developing commonalities among every different society as a permanent goal, tradition, culture and genuine human behavior, people can save other considerable efforts  made to combat extremism, intolerance and propensity for violence.  These efforts, which are becoming necessary and costly due to absence of prior dialogue as a preventive action would have prevented events of extremism, intolerance and violence. Just as the sustained efforts made to promote dialogue are preventive actions that would spare human beings from scourges of conflict among them whoever and wherever they were; dialogue efforts instill the values of love and coexistence, which would spare the world the task of restoring the effects of psychological, material and moral conflicts.

To the extent that long-time, hard work and high cost required to eliminating the consequences of conflict, avoiding conflict through dialogue would offer the world a protection for a longer time with nicer effort and lower cost, making the faith in communal living, preservation of cultural diversity and respect for difference as humanitarian values more than being a humanitarian need, and a way of thinking more than being a necessity, and a behavior more than being a practice.

Mutual understanding among a set of interlocutors is an essential advantage results from sharing ideas among them. If the parties to the conflict held divergent views, which will not be easily reconciled, opening channels of communication between them would contribute to creating fruitful and productive discussions. This would allow each party to reexamine his positions and try to understand the position of the other party. Hence, knowing the other party better can pose paradigm shift in resolving those conflicts. This mutual understanding is what parties to conflict need around the globe, which currently suffers from nonstop troubles.