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His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdullah humanitarian organization visited yesterday, Suite convoy tariff exhibition of King Abdullah, “the values ​​and wisdom” in the planned 2018 m in 17 Saudi city to introduce the exhibition.
He continued His Highness the President of the Board of Trustees workflow in the convoy tariff of the first days, and on the content of the multiple and diverse sections tells inbuilt biography of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz – God’s mercy -, also briefed on a trailer convoy snaking Kingdom to introduce the exhibition.

And it will continue Enterprise Suite to receive visitors during the National Festival for Heritage and Culture Paljnaderih working days, as well as the convoy tariff for the exhibition, which consists of five sections highlighting each and every one of them aside from the features of a personal forgiven, God willing, and witnessing the convoy of a variety of competitions throughout the festival.
His Highness also visited the village of Al-Baha Paljnaderih heritage, and toured Elements of the village, listening to a detailed explanation of what content of the heritage and activities and their role in the transfer of inherited patio area, and briefed on the contents of the village council, and continued performance band Baha vulnerable.

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