Adopting the universal conception of humanitarianism as an ethical stance, as our founder King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz viewed it, through activities aimed at improving people’s lives everywhere, without seeking a worldly return, and geographically distributing such activities without any type of discrimination.


Sustainable Development

The human being is Allah’s trustee on Earth, and life on it is a right for all living beings. Since humans were entrusted with developing life on Earth and have the responsibility to sustain their own lives on it, they also have the responsibility to preserve available resources for future generations. Just as humans are responsible for managing their own lives, so they are responsible for preserving ideal life resources for later generations.



Shared goals that bring together several parties can be better realized if all involved parties partner in total honesty, loyalty, and dedication to achieve them. We therefore provide all possible aid through grants, support, consultations, or all these means combined, in service of our partners. We also seek the help of skilled and competent trusted parties and forge strategic alliances with them to execute our programs.


Peaceful Coexistence

Fostering social harmony and peaceful coexistence between peoples and cultures, as key prerequisites for stability, which enables human tranquility and happiness; preserves people’s identity and dignity; ensures optimal utilization of resources; and consolidates cooperation and collaboration among people of different belief systems and ethnicities.



Cultivating a Knowledge Society is a prerequisite for solving multifaceted humanitarian problems. Most challenges can be tackled by developing knowledge-based competencies via guidance, education, awareness-raising, and skills acquisition. Through knowledge, we can build on strong foundations with long-term impact in targeted communities.



The suffering of people anywhere in the world is the responsibility of people everywhere in the world. Just as human suffering is a shared plight at varying degrees among various peoples, so the pain resulting from such plight should be shared among various peoples. The need to respond to relieving suffering should also be shared among all people.



We make all possible efforts to achieve cumulative impact consistent with other parties’ humanitarian efforts – whether governments, organizations, groups or individuals – so that the Foundation’s efforts add our share to the overall “humanitarian structure” or create a basis on which others can build. Cumulative efforts thereby become an integrated joint effort for achieving common goals.

About The Foundation