The Foundation’s strategy revolves around seven focal areas that complement each other to achieve the noble humanitarian goals that guided the Foundation’s inception. These areas are:


Social Development

As the human individual is society’s formative constituent, we care to develop the individual’s competencies, skills, and knowledge; improve the level of services provided to individuals; and identify and actualize latent capabilities across society’s sectors.



We support intercultural and interreligious dialogue efforts by cultivating understanding among religions and doctrines; reducing discrimination and conflicts; fostering tolerance, humanitarian values and ethics, and consolidating international security.



Education should be an extension of the Knowledge Society and a catalyst for comprehensive development efforts on social, economic, and cultural levels. Educational institutions can be enabled to be incubators of human development strategies in order to advance societies.


Science & Technology

We work to help reduce the barriers that communities face due to accelerated scientific and technological development, and we support efforts to catch up with digital progress by creating scientific and research chairs and supporting R&D centers.



Healthcare is a right and basic need for every human being because the human right to healthcare is tied to the human right to live. The Foundation sets major focus on healthcare and on improving healthcare services as it is one of the facets of investing in human capital.


Economic Development

Empowering human resources to contribute to comprehensive economic development and participate in society’s growth can be achieved through ideal utilization of natural and technical resources; providing real fulfillment opportunities for latent human talent; and supporting development projects in the domains of infrastructure, agriculture, housing, various industries and services.


Security & Peace

Given the positive causal relationship between achieving security and peace and achieving sustainable development, addressing security and peace requirements is a priority for conflict-ridden or disaster-prone communities. This can be achieved by supporting the management of urgent humanitarian crises resulting from disruption and by attempting to prevent their future occurrence. We work to revive post-conflict societies through an active presence during crises and catastrophes by providing immediate aid to the afflicted and by rebuilding, so as to enable affected communities to resume normal life.

عن مؤسسة الملك عبدالله