King Abdullah Foundation is currently preparing four main initiatives to preserve the legacy of the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. These initiatives will be launched successively in the near future. They are as follows:

King Abdullah Prize for Humanitarian Efforts

The first initiative is launching the King Abdullah Prize for Humanitarian Efforts. The Prize promotes humanitarian efforts and achievements – on individual and institutional levels – in order to foster dialogue and understanding among societies; embody means of peaceful coexistence; and foster international security. Because humanitarian challenges on the global level are numerous and varied, the prize will reflect such diversity based on four key areas, with a distinct award for: dialogue and peace, innovation, childhood development, and outstanding individuals and institutions. King Abdullah Prize for Humanitarian Efforts will be awarded in a biennial international ceremony.

King Abdullah: Values & Wisdom

The second initiative, “King Abdullah: Values & Wisdom”, is a museum-quality exhibition that will feature representative examples of King Abdullah’s values and wisdom. The exhibition will include rarely seen artifacts that highlight unique aspects of the King’s character, humanitarian vision, and deeply held values, and that reveal his concern for preserving Saudi cultural heritage, Arab culture, and Islamic roots, and his support of science, technology, and the economy.


King Abdullah Symposium

The third initiative is King Abdullah Symposium, an international symposium that will provide the first scholarly retrospective on the life of King Abdullah, and build on his work to address global priorities such as education, economic development, interfaith dialogue and innovation. The symposium will foster communication and dialogue among King Abdullah’s contemporaries, as well as the world’s most prominent thinkers and business leaders, and include a gala dinner to honor recipients of the King Abdullah Prize.

King Abdullah: Documentary Film

The fourth initiative is a documentary film about King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. The documentary will explore his life and personality and portray the humanitarian aspects of his reign and the enduring characteristics of his legacy. It will highlight both the man and the monarch, as well as the institutions and programs he founded. The documentary will also show the impact of his thinking, unique visions, and piercing decisions on the lives of his people in various fields.


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